Welcome to The Happy Southerner, created by Jackie Rice Abston. The Happy Southerner is where happiness takes center stage and joy is woven into every thread of your shopping experience. Jackie's vision for this one of a kind boutique was driven by a passion for spreading happiness and brightening lives. She dreamt of creating a haven of curated products that brings a smile to everyone's face. She also dreamed of providing cute and yet affordable women's Southern fashion. She also wanted to offer products that represent her sassy sense of humor and vest for life. From the moment you step into our store, you are embraced by an aura of positivity. From our delightful pink walls to our whimsical trinkets and cheerful gifts, every item has been handpicked to elicit smiles. If you can't shop with us in person, don't worry. Everything in our store we can ship to you! We offer next day shipping to all 50 states + Canada right from our boutique in Mt. Pleasant, SC. So let us mail you some Southern Happiness right to your front door.